Advantages and disadvantages of decorating showcases with mirrors


As we all know, the custom jewelry showcase is mainly t […]

As we all know, the custom jewelry showcase is mainly to enhance the brand image. Through the store counter to attract more attention, thereby increasing sales. How to make a high-end and eye-catching showcase, this requires a good showcase designer, first design a good effect, and then choose a good manufacturer, and then choose good materials to customize. The following shows the effect of the black mirror finish jewelry showcase.
Why are jewelry showcases decorated with black mirrors? I summarized 3 points, as follows:

1. A mirror is an item with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light. Therefore, using a black mirror to decorate the counter surface can expand the vision, coupled with mirror stainless steel, so that the overall atmosphere, high-end.

2. The surface of the black mirror is easy to care for, does not change color, and is not easy to scratch.

3. Some people may worry about whether people will be cut by the mirror. Mirrors or glass are processed by edging before they are used on jewelry showcases. And the splicing part of the mirror generally uses 45 degree splicing.
In life, the mirror is a necessity for our grooming. In the showcase industry, mirrors are often used to decorate counters, and counters decorated with mirrors are often seen from the inside out, which is very popular in the showcase industry.

Let me introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of mirror decoration:


1. Mirrors are available in many colors, such as silver ornaments, gray mirrors, tea mirrors, black mirrors, etc.

2. The display space can be expanded so that the display space is not crowded. For example, many businesses like to decorate mirrors on the back panel of high cabinets or the door panels of low cabinets to increase the viewing angle space.

3. Some shops have pillars, and using mirrors to wrap the pillars will regenerate the tedious pillars.

4. Artistic patterns can be made on the mirror and transmit light, such as: mirror decorative carved light transmittance or mirror sanding.

5. Waterproof, anti-dirt, environmentally friendly and easy to take care of, if it is not bumped, the service life is long, there will be no discoloration, and it will be the same as new for many years.

6. The appearance is fashionable and generous, improving the grade.

Disadvantages: heavier and fragile.