Choose a high-quality lighting system


With the development of China's economy, China's jewelr […]

With the development of China's economy, China's jewelry industry is developing rapidly, and the huge market potential is obvious to all. In order to fully convey the brand, style, culture and concept of jewelry to consumers, successfully complete the perfect combination of sales and brand culture, and truly reflect the value of jewelry, then the importance of lighting design for jewelry space display cannot be ignored. Next, let's take a look at the lighting design of the jewelry store with Yilin Lighting.

The purpose of special lighting for jewelry stores

The color emitted by the light source itself is the "light source color", and the color reflected by the jewelry illuminated by the light source is generally called the "surface color". Except for some gems that have a fluorescent or phosphorescent effect, jewelry itself does not emit light.

Although natural light is the most ideal light source for appreciating natural gemstones, in actual sales, due to the limitation of the venue, merchants often choose artificial lighting for illumination. How to use the appropriate light source to show the value of jewelry is the purpose of jewelry-specific lighting.

Generally speaking, the lighting performance of jewellery products can properly improve the look and feel of some gems, but they cannot be too far apart. Avoid the appearance of the lighting demonstration in the window, take it to the next level under ordinary lighting, and also avoid the difference between the performance of the lighting in the store and the level of jewelry in the professional evaluation.
Design principles followed by special lighting systems for jewelry stores

Jewelry store lighting is relatively more professional than general commercial stores. The lighting system is more specialized. In the design, different specifications of lighting systems should be used according to different jewelry characteristics.

(1) Choose the correct illuminance value. Jewelry exhibits require high illumination, 2000 to 2500lx. The same illuminance cannot be used for jewelry products with different characteristics.

(2) The brightness of each area should be appropriate. Jewelry display has certain similarities with general commercial display. It is necessary to use light to distinguish different areas, and the brightness of each area should be appropriate. The brightness and illuminance of the display area should be high, and the brightness of the walking area and excessive space should be lower.

(3) Avoid glare. Avoid glare in jewelry store windows and showcases, and overall lighting.

(4) Choose a high-quality lighting system.

Jewelry materials require light

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the colors of natural gemstones are evaluated uniformly under the same conditions in the international and domestic jewelry circles. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the light source of gemstone lighting in stores. The earliest commercial lighting (glass cabinets) used full-spectrum incandescent lamps-good color rendering, and are generally considered to be the most suitable light sources. But since 1996, testing has begun to find that removing the interference spectrum of 15nm and 580nm can allow jewelry to achieve a better display.
Jewelry display lighting

Compared with display lighting, jewelry display lighting is more professional and systematic. In jewelry display, showcases usually use local lighting, also known as key lighting, which is a category of space display lighting. The basic purpose is to highlight exhibits and lighting. It is also determined according to the category, shape, and display method of the exhibition.