​Classification of LED Demister Mirror


It was said that when we choose the bathroom LED demist […]

It was said that when we choose the bathroom LED demister mirror, we learn many categories. However, we don't know what the different effects of LED demister mirror are. So today, we've sorted out three categories of bathroom demister mirror. Let's take a look at these three categories.

Demister mirror is a kind of lens that can effectively prevent or avoid the condensation of water mist. It is generally divided into organic demister mirror and inorganic demister mirror. An Inorganic demister mirror is to apply a layer of anti fog film on the surface of glass to prevent fog. Organic demister mirror is divided into coated demister mirror, electrothermal demister mirror and nanocomposite demister mirror. There are two reasons for lens fogging: one is the liquefaction of the hot gas in the lens when it meets the cold lens; the other is the evaporation of the water on the surface of the skin sealed by the silver mirror and the condensation of the gas on the lens. This is also the main reason why spray antifogging agent does not work.

The first is to coat the demister mirror sheet. This is formed by coating micropores to prevent the formation of fog layer. The antifogging coating adopts the conductive material ATO and silicon oxide, which can form an antibacterial agent with good hydrophilic effect and can avoid static electricity. It can prevent fog, pollution and static electricity;

The second is the electric demister mirror. The humidity of the mirror surface becomes higher after electric heating, so that the fog layer can not be formed naturally, and the fog can be rapidly increased;

The third is the nanocomposite demister mirror tablet. This applies to chemical and physical principles. Then let it firmly bond with the glass, so there is no way to form water droplets, and naturally you can achieve the anti fog effect you want.

These are the three categories of bathroom demister mirrors. Now there are different kinds of LED demister mirrors on the market. They can not only achieve anti fog effect, but also provide soft light source. Therefore, you can choose a suitable led demister mirror according to your demand and price.