Collocation Skills of LED Hotel Bath Demister Mirror


LED demister mirror, also known as a demister mirror, i […]

LED demister mirror, also known as a demister mirror, is a special mirror in the bathroom. By heating the mirror, it can quickly remove the mist attached to the mirror surface, which is convenient for bathing.

There are two heating methods for LED demister mirror: covering the back of the mirror with electric heating wire or electric heating film. The electronic heating film has good safety, durability, energy-saving, and processability. Plug in the power supply and heat the mirror through the electric heating film. When the mirror surface temperature increases, the fog attached to the surface is very volatile. In the end, the mirror can remain clear and bright all the time. The principle is that our mirrors usually fog because the hot water vapor in the bath touches the surface of the mirror and condenses into small water droplets when it is cold. If the temperature of the mirror surface is relatively high, this phenomenon will be reduced naturally.

Led Hotel Bath demister mirror, the anti-fog lighting, is generally used in the bathroom. Most of the light sources are energy-saving tubes. The lamp is waterproof and fog proof through the fog proof cover, and some lighting decorations will be provided with openings for heat dissipation to avoid bursting of the lamp tube.

1. Style Matching
The style of LED Hotel Bath demister mirror is mainly reflected in its anti-fog cover. The pattern and pictures on the anti-fog cover can reflect different styles. Lighting should be integrated with the overall style of the bathroom. They can be simple, or new rhyme, or nostalgia, or avant-garde, or rural style, or urban romance.

2. Color Matching
The light of the LED Hotel Bath dimmer mirror is mostly white or yellow. White is matched with any color. White is the most classic with black. It can also be matched with other colors to create different fashion colors space. Yellow is noble and elegant. It can be matched with other bathroom products of the same color system, such as the brown bathroom cabinet, pale yellow marble basin, etc., to create elegant bathroom space.

3. Details of Bathroom mirror
If the LED hotel bath mixer mirror has a strong artistic flavor, it can be matched with the artistic basin and the artistic faucet, starting from the details, reflecting the delicate, beautiful and delicate bathroom.