Attention to the maintenance of makeup mirror


Pay attention to the following points during daily main […]

Pay attention to the following points during daily maintenance:
1. The mirror should be placed in a dry place at ordinary times. Do not hang it on the wall casually or close to the washbasin.
2. Do not touch the mirror with wet hands, or wipe the mirror with a damp cloth, to avoid increasing the penetration of moisture and making the optical layer of the mirror surface black and black.
3. The mirror must not come into contact with salt, grease and acidic substances, which easily corrode the mirror surface.
4. The mirror surface should be wiped with a soft dry cloth or cotton to prevent the mirror surface from being wiped; or use a soft cloth or emery cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax; also use a cloth damped with milk to wipe the mirror and frame Clear and bright. In addition, wipe with oil-absorbent tissue, the effect is not bad.
5. The frame should be wiped with fine soft cotton cloth or cotton or worsted yarn to prevent the frame from rusting.
6. Before bathing, you can apply soap to the mirror surface and then wipe it with a dry cloth. A layer of soap liquid will be formed on the mirror surface to prevent the mirror surface from blurring. You can also use astringent lotion or detergent.
7. Use a dry rag dipped in the appropriate amount of washing spirit and apply to the mirror surface, evenly spread. The active ingredients contained in Xiejieling can effectively prevent the condensation of water vapor on the mirror surface, and can play a very good anti-fog effect.