Classification of bathroom anti-fog mirrors


Every time I come out after taking a shower and want to […]

Every time I come out after taking a shower and want to take a look at my beauty after bathing, I will find that, good guy, I can't see anything. This may be the faint beauty of the legend? That is the kind of invisible, so beautiful?

Under the popular science: the temperature of the shower water is approximately similar to the body temperature of the human body, between 35 ℃ -40 ℃, the surface temperature of the bathroom mirror is slightly lower than the room temperature, the larger temperature difference + humid air after bathing, causing the bathroom mirror to fog The two necessary conditions.

Because the room temperature in winter is lower and the temperature difference between the bathroom mirror and the air is greater, the fog formed is also thicker and the fog naturally dissipates longer.

So the mirror should not only be anti-fog, but also most of the time to meet the needs of makeup, and most of the lights in the mirror cabinets on the market are used for decoration, but can not meet the needs of makeup, either the position of the light is not good, or the brightness is insufficient At this time, the advantages of LED bathroom smart mirrors are shown ~

Some friends said that when choosing bathroom anti-fog mirrors, they learned that there are many kinds of classifications. However, they do n’t know what different effects of various anti-fog mirrors have. So, today, we have organized bathroom anti-fog mirrors for everyone. Let ’s take a look at what these three classifications are like.
The first is a coated anti-fog lens, which is formed by the coated micropores to prevent the fog layer. The anti-fog coating uses conductive materials ATO and silicon oxide, which can form a good hydrophilic effect And it can avoid static electricity, which has many effects such as anti-fog, anti-pollution and static electricity.

The second type is electric heating anti-fog lenses. This kind of electric heating makes the humidity of the mirror surface higher, so naturally it can not form a fog layer, and it can also quickly increase the fog;

The third type is the nano-composite anti-fog lens, which uses the separation of chemical and physical principles, and then firmly adheres it to the glass, so that there is no way to form water droplets, and naturally you can reach you. Desired anti-fog effect.

The above is the classification of the three aspects of bathroom anti-fog mirrors. These three anti-fog mirrors all reach the anti-fog effect through different wrists. So, you can choose according to your needs and the price of anti-fog mirrors. A suitable for me.