Cosmetic mirror business card


A classification of mirrors, which mainly refers to sma […]

A classification of mirrors, which mainly refers to small mirrors with exquisite shapes and easy to carry. Also refers to a desktop mirror for makeup, also known as a dressing mirror. The main difference between a make-up mirror and a mirror is that the make-up mirror has a magnification surface with different proportions. This makes it easier for the makeup artist to see the nuances of the part illuminated. A mirror is an article with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light.

The most common mirror is a flat mirror, which is often used by people to organize their appearance. Surface-polished metal devices with regular reflection properties and glass or metal products with metallized reflective films. There are two types of mirrors: flat mirrors and curved mirrors. Curved mirrors are divided into concave mirrors and convex mirrors. Mainly used as dressing mirrors, furniture accessories, reflectors for solar stoves, headlights and searchlights, reflecting telescopes, car rearview mirrors, etc.