Difference between led lamp beads and patches in LED bathroom mirrors


Lighting is inseparable from our lives. In life, the em […]

Lighting is inseparable from our lives. In life, the emergence of various lights has brought many conveniences to people's lives. Among the various lighting products, two types of lighting, led lamp beads and patches, have attracted much attention from consumers. For these two different types of lighting, what are the differences between them?
The difference between led lamp beads and patches:
Let's first take a look at what are the characteristics of LED lamp beads? The angle of LED lamp beads is very small, which is relatively concentrated light, the range is far, but the range of illumination is limited; and the general angle of LED patches is very large, The light is relatively scattered and has a wide range of illumination, but the range is relatively close. LED lamp beads are used to discharge light, while LED patches are used to cool light.
In contrast, what are the advantages of the patch? LED patch is also a kind of led lamp beads. Common LEDs have two or four pins, and there are no pin-shaped pins, which are close to the copper foil of the circuit board and soldered. The key to choosing lamp beads is to consider the color temperature, color rendering index, light efficiency, light decay, and the quality of the power supply. Buy these things and buy better quality.