Dressing mirror ideas for a zen-like getting ready zone


A dressing mirror should be a calming, glamorous space […]

A dressing mirror should be a calming, glamorous space where you can take half an hour to sit and run through your morning routine or get ready for a glitzy evening bash.

All too often, though, this area is overrun with bursting drawers of goodness knows what, tangled necklaces, the odd earring, and cosmetics strewn haphazardly. This isn’t especially relaxing and, even if the rest of your room is Pinterest-perfect, it spoils its overall feel.

We’ve rounded up the best dressing mirror organisers so you can sort your cosmetics once and for all – and get ready in style.

The obvious solution is to store makeup in a drawer. But if your dressing table doesn’t have any, your cosmetics won’t fit or you want to keep your lippies and eyeshadow palettes on display, there are plenty of dressing table ideas and organisers for your tabletop.

Clear perspex makeup organisers keep things visible so you don't have to empty out the contents of your makeup bag to find that one trusty eyeliner. The individual slots give everything a place and there are plenty of drawers, turntables and containers to allow you to create a customised solution for your needs. If your tastes are more minimal, opt for opaque drawers that fit with your room’s scheme to keep your products concealed.

These brushes are going on your face, so keep them hygienic and don’t thrust them into the depths of your cosmetics bag. A decent set can runs into the £100s and can look very stylish, so show them off properly.

A pen pot or similar dressing table organiser will keep these tools neat and upright so you can quickly see what you need. There are so many different styles, so if you don't fancy clear glass or perspex, it should still be easy to find one to match your space.

Keeping jewellery in glass cabinets looks very feminine and keeps everything tidy as well – no more rooting around in a box of necklaces and having to spend an hour detangling before you can wear one.