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Which kind of mirror front light is good According to d […]

Which kind of mirror front light is good
According to different installation positions, it can be divided into: washbasin mirror headlights, bathroom mirror headlights, toilet mirror headlights and so on.
The style of the front light should be consistent. The color, shape, and style of the mirror front lights must match the style of the interior decoration and furniture and echo each other. When choosing a mirror front lamp, you mainly look at its light effect, that is, the effect of the light reflection after it is turned on. The front lamp of the mirror should be integrated with the overall style of the bathroom, or simple, or new, or nostalgic, or avant-garde, or rural, or urban romance, which can be refracted through light and shadow to let people enjoy the beauty of light.
Color matching of mirror front lights
The lighting used in front of the mirror can be matched according to the style of the bedroom. Mirror front lamps used in bathrooms generally use anti-fog mirror front lamps. Then the light of the anti-fog mirror headlights is mostly white or yellow. White is a versatile color, with black being the most classic. It can also be combined with other colors to create different stylish color spaces. Yellow is noble and elegant, with other bathroom products of the same color, such as brown bathroom cabinets, light yellow marble countertops, etc., to create elegant bathroom space.
Space matching of mirror headlights
In addition to exerting its basic local lighting functions and safe use functions, it can also give the finishing touch to the color, shape, and structure of the entire interior. Or quaint, or new charm, or nostalgia, or avant-garde, or rural style, or urban romance. Then each mirror lamp, whether it is off or on, is a work of art.