• What are the advantages of LED bathroom mirror

    What are the advantages of LED bathroom mirror

    The water vapor that people bring when taking a shower in the bathroom always casts a mist on the mirror, making the mirror useless, and it has to scrub it every time. Therefore, high-quality bathroom mirrors generally have functions such as anti-fog and waterproof, and strong light refraction. This... read more

    Apr 24,2020 Industry News
  • Advantages of LED mirror

    Advantages of LED mirror

    The LED light-emitting mirror refers to a mirror that can emit light through the LED lights. Some LED makeup mirrors, LED bathroom mirrors, and tunnel mirrors can also be called LED light-emitting mirrors or simply light-emitting mirrors. It also has another more common name, LED bathroom mirror or ... read more

    Apr 17,2020 Industry News
  • Attention to the maintenance of makeup mirror

    Attention to the maintenance of makeup mirror

    Pay attention to the following points during daily maintenance: 1. The mirror should be placed in a dry place at ordinary times. Do not hang it on the wall casually or close to the washbasin. 2. Do not touch the mirror with wet hands, or wipe the mirror with a damp cloth, to avoid increasing the pen... read more

    Apr 11,2020 Industry News
  • The right place for the mirror

    The right place for the mirror

    (1) Entrance mirror and dressing mirror Usually people will look at their appearance through the mirror when they go out, but the placement of the mirror is not arbitrary. Setting up a mirror in the entrance has a good effect in function and feng shui. And the entrance is a transitional space for co... read more

    Apr 03,2020 Industry News
  • Cosmetic mirror business card

    Cosmetic mirror business card

    A classification of mirrors, which mainly refers to small mirrors with exquisite shapes and easy to carry. Also refers to a desktop mirror for makeup, also known as a dressing mirror. The main difference between a make-up mirror and a mirror is that the make-up mirror has a magnification surface wit... read more

    Mar 28,2020 Industry News