• The right place for the mirror

    The right place for the mirror

    (1) Entrance mirror and dressing mirror Usually people will look at their appearance through the mirror when they go out, but the placement of the mirror is not arbitrary. Setting up a mirror in the entrance has a good effect in function and feng shui. And the entrance is a transitional space for co... read more

    Apr 03,2020 Industry News
  • Cosmetic mirror business card

    Cosmetic mirror business card

    A classification of mirrors, which mainly refers to small mirrors with exquisite shapes and easy to carry. Also refers to a desktop mirror for makeup, also known as a dressing mirror. The main difference between a make-up mirror and a mirror is that the make-up mirror has a magnification surface wit... read more

    Mar 28,2020 Industry News
  • Bathroom mirror lamp cleaning and maintenance method

    Bathroom mirror lamp cleaning and maintenance method

    When cleaning the lamp body, wipe it gently with a soft, dry cotton cloth. The action should be kept from top to bottom, and not rubbed back and forth. When cleaning the lampshade, it is advisable to use a clean feather duster to gently wipe the lampshade to avoid staining the lampshade or causing d... read more

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  • Is the LED bathroom mirror safe

    Is the LED bathroom mirror safe

    In daily life, we always pay attention to the safety of live household products. For example, will there be electricity leakage, will children be in danger if they come across, etc. Today I will tell you about the safety of LED bathroom mirrors. First of all, LED bathroom mirrors are made of environ... read more

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  • Mirror History

    Mirror History

    In ancient times, obsidian, gold, silver, crystal, copper, bronze were polished and polished to make mirrors. In 3000 BC, bronze mirrors for makeup were available in Egypt. In the 1st century AD, large mirrors began to show people's entire bodies. Medieval portable mirrors that were popular with com... read more

    Feb 22,2020 Industry News