The makeup is not clean? A big face when you go out? You just have one less makeup mirror!


Magic mirror Magic mirror, am I the most beautiful pers […]

Magic mirror Magic mirror, am I the most beautiful person in the world? In this era of self-portraits, who hasn't ordered a little narcissism to appreciate himself in the mirror! You may not wear foundation every day before going out, maybe you will not apply sunscreen every day, but you must not look in the mirror! Mirror has already become a necessity in life, so that many mm never thought of doing some homework in choosing a mirror. Today, the editor will talk about how to choose a makeup mirror. Is that mirror really right for you?
A decorative mirror can be used to occasionally glance at yourself, but the main function is to enhance the taste of the home. This kind of mirror looks all over the body, the area is not large enough, and it is a little cramped; facing the makeup, I feel a bit far from seeing, and can not adjust the angle, all kinds of discomfort. So if you only have this kind of mirror in your home, it means that you should really finish reading this article, and then go to the single-sided makeup mirror!
The dressing mirror does not need to be introduced. It has a large area and many are very long. It is a few steps away from the mirror to see its overall appearance. It is suitable for placing at the door or near the wardrobe. Xiaobian, a lazy man with makeup that shakes his hands, if you only have such a big mirror in your home, you should also consider buying a makeup mirror.
The makeup mirror is the focus of this article today.
The makeup mirror fixed on the wall and the big mirror in everyone ’s bathroom are not the same thing. In fact, there are two mirrors. The big one is basically a half-length dressing mirror. Comb your hair in the morning to see if you are beautiful. It's great to have a look, but it is very anxious to use to draw an eyeliner, apply a mascara, and stuff a contact lens. In case you still have a little myopia, it will be even more hazy! The small mirror that can be pulled out next to the large mirror is the real makeup mirror.

Whether you want to choose a makeup mirror with a fixed wall depends on the makeup method you are accustomed to. If your makeup method is simple and rough, with few steps and fast painting, and good physical strength like standing makeup, most of the makeup products are also placed in the bathroom , Then this kind of mirror is more suitable for you.
Wall-mounted cosmetic mirrors with light sources also have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, this one in the picture above is a Jerdon makeup mirror with a pretty good reputation. The appearance is simple, the price is relatively reasonable, and its own light source can make up for the lack of light in the bathroom to a certain extent. Similarly, one side is a normal mirror surface and the other is a magnifying glass surface, which can be stretched far and near and the angle can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that it has a fixed height and is suitable for families and people with a small population and a fixed height. In addition, it is not suitable to be placed in a wet bathroom, which has potential safety hazards; it is better to be placed in a bathroom that can separate wet and dry or simply not in the bathroom.