The right place for the mirror


(1) Entrance mirror and dressing mirror Usually people […]

(1) Entrance mirror and dressing mirror
Usually people will look at their appearance through the mirror when they go out, but the placement of the mirror is not arbitrary. Setting up a mirror in the entrance has a good effect in function and feng shui. And the entrance is a transitional space for connection, and the mirror is Decoration is also a very cost-effective design.
(2) Dressing mirror in the bedroom-
The bedroom is used as a living and living space. For convenience, many people choose to put the dressing mirror in the bedroom. Here it is recommended that the dressing mirror in the bedroom be installed in the wardrobe, which saves a lot of space. If you choose to place a separate mirror, the size of the mirror is also very important. Try to ensure that it is not placed on the bed or the light.
(3) Putting on the dressing mirror in the living room——
The living room is a central place connecting various spaces. The dressing mirror should choose to face away from the door. Everyone should understand that the dressing mirror is not the main purpose of expanding the view of the living room space. And it does not hinder traffic, so people also add interactivity and fun during space activities.