What are the advantages of LED bathroom smart mirror lights?


Every time we come out after taking a bath and want to […]

Every time we come out after taking a bath and want to take a look at the beauty of our body after bathing, we will find that, good guys, can't see anything. This may be the faint beauty of the legend? That is the kind of invisible, so beautiful?
Under popular science: The temperature of the shower water is approximately similar to the body temperature of the human body. Between 35 ℃ -40 ℃, the surface temperature of the bathroom mirror is slightly lower than that of the room temperature. The large temperature difference + the humid air after bathing causes the bathroom mirror to fog. Two necessary conditions.
Since the room temperature in winter is lower and the temperature difference between the bathroom mirror and the air is greater, the fog formed is also thicker and the fog naturally dissipates for a longer time. So the mirror is not only anti-fog, but most of the time also needs to meet the needs of makeup, and most of the lights in the mirror cabinets on the market are used for decoration, but can not meet the needs of makeup, either the position of the light is not good or the brightness is insufficient At that time, the advantages of LED bathroom smart mirrors were shown
LED bathroom smart mirror has several characteristics:

1. Anti-fog, I think this is quite important. After all, the bathroom is very damp after taking a bath. The mirror needs to be wiped repeatedly to see clearly. The anti-fog mirror can effectively image in high definition.

2. The Bluetooth switch can be connected to the Bluetooth device at home. In fact, it can be understood that a speaker is built into the mirror. Although the sound effect is not as good as a professional speaker, the most
At least when playing songs, the playback effect is stronger than mobile phones and iPad.

3. The light strip (warm white light and positive white light), the color temperature of the LED light source is 6000K in white light, and 3000K in warm light. It is not dazzling and can be adjusted according to the needs of the indoor environment and lighting. This is very useful. And there is no need to install extra mirror headlights to make the bathroom more refreshing.