LED Demister Mirror Solves the Problem of Bathroom Mirror Fogging


The reason for the fog in the bathroom mirror is actual […]

The reason for the fog in the bathroom mirror is actually very simple. Because of the low temperature of the mirror and the high temperature of the indoor water vapor, the water vapor around the mirror will condense into small drops and adhere to the mirror. The mirror then will fog. This simple physical phenomenon can be solved by simple physical methods. If the mirror is isolated from the fog, the bathroom mirror will no longer atomizer.

Here are some implements.

1. Potato and sweet potato

The method is to peel potatoes and sweet potatoes and smear the whole mirror surface. The principle is to use the starch in potatoes to isolate the mirror from the fog. You can see yourself clearly in the mirror, not just in one silhouette.

2. Candles

The effect of candles is only a little better than potatoes. But the molecules of the candle are still a little heavy, which influences the brightness of the mirror.

3. Detergents

The detergent here mainly refers to soap and dishwashing solution. The amount used is very small, usually a drop of dishwashing liquid can solve the problem. If the amount is too large, it will affect the brightness of the mirror like the candle just mentioned. When we daub it, we should drop a drop on the cloth, and then clean the mirror surface evenly. Since soap is solid, it is relatively easy to use detergents.

4. LED Demister Mirror

There is a product on the market called LED Demister mirror. Its principle is similar to the car's rearview mirror demisting. By heating the mirror, the temperature difference between the mirror and the water vapor is reduced. And the water vapor will not interfere with the mirror naturally. Because it needs electricity, it needs the owner who has not finished the decoration to prepare a socket.

5. Wipers

The function of defogger and car wiper is the same. The only difference is that one is manual and the other is automated. But the effect is very good.

In a word, the most direct and effective way is to choose LED demister mirror.