Maintenance Method of Led Light Mirror Cabinet


LED lighted mirror cabinet is an important instrument f […]

LED lighted mirror cabinet is an important instrument for us to make up in the bathroom.

Although LED light mirror cabinet is easy to use, it is not perfect. In the humid surroundings of the bathroom, the maintenance of the mirror is actually a very important thing. Most of the time, we have good maintenance of the LED bathroom cabinet, but we just wipe the mirror.

A common problem with LED light mirror cabinet is that there is too much water vapor in the bathroom. Water vapor will enter the mirror frame along the gap of the mirror, and then form bacteria inside the mirror. When the number of bacteria increases, it will corrode the inner frame of the mirror. That's why when we have a problem with the mirror, it's all because the mirror frame has a problem first.

The LED light mirror cabinet frame will turn black and brittle in the long-term water environment. In order to maintain our LED light mirror cabinet, we should keep the bathroom environment in a ventilated state, so that the water vapor will flow and the inside of the mirror will not be flooded.

If we buy a new LED lighted mirror cabinet, we can color or wax the connection between the frame and the mirror. This can effectively prevent moisture from entering our frame.

When maintaining the LED light mirror cabinet, we first clean the mirror with a wet cloth, and then clean it with a dry cloth in time to avoid water stains.

Do not contact the mirror surface with alkaline detergent, bath gel or shampoo, which will cause dirt on the mirror surface. But this kind of dirt is the dirt which the mirror surface is corroded by the alkaline substance, the ordinary cleaning method is unable to clean.

No matter what kind of goods need to be carefully maintained. LED lighted mirror cabinet is the same. We must take care of it so as to avoid black spots, stains or scratches and keep it clear and bright.