Music Function of LED Bluetooth Mirror


When it comes to smart mirrors, in addition to the most […]

When it comes to smart mirrors, in addition to the most basic led mirrors, the most interesting one is LED Bluetooth mirror. This kind of mirror that can play music can always cause many people to stop. And it can also link the mirror through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, so as to play the music of the mobile phone or the music player. In addition, it can also be used to broadcast radio, news and so on.

This light up bluetooth mirror is easy to operate. Press the Bluetooth button on the mirror, and then turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, play the music of the mobile phone.

After playing music on your phone, you can not only use your phone to cut songs and adjust the volume, but also use the touch switch of the mirror to control it. Adjust the current volume value by number, the louder the number, the louder the sound. Instead of pressing the third left button, pressing the first and second buttons will switch to the next or previous song.

In addition to providing illumination, LED Bluetooth mirror can also provide decoration. Nowadays, even five-star hotels like to decorate with LED Bluetooth mirrors. In other words, in addition to positioning it as a household product, a lead-led Bluetooth mirror can also be positioned as an ornament. Led Bluetooth mirror, as an ornament, is mainly beautiful and sci-fi. Actually, many different shapes of LED mirrors can also add music and time, temperature display functions. Most of the music mirrors used in families are fixed models, while the music mirrors used in hotels are customized. Compared with the fixed size, the customized mirror can make you beautify your bathroom atmosphere better.

If you are interested in music mirrors, you can first decide what kind of mirror you like, and then ask if you can add music functions. For example, a heart-shaped music mirror is a good choice.