The lighting design of the jewelry store is very important


Speaking of jewelry, this is a luxury item favored by p […]

Speaking of jewelry, this is a luxury item favored by people, especially women. Why is jewelry so popular?
The jewelry industry is a luxury consumer and high-end consumer industry. The decoration style of the jewelry store does not have any style in the strict sense. The jewelry store deals in high-end luxury goods, which reflects a sense of high-end and wealth. The quality of shopping and the beautiful visual experience enhance the brand value. An important part, so when we design and decorate the jewelry store, we must be atmospheric, high-end, and rich; and the lighting design in the jewelry store is the soul of creating an atmosphere and improving the quality. When configuring the lighting, we must create a harmony and stability. atmosphere of.

Lighting design is closely related to the design industry, especially in the exhibition and display industry linked to commercial spaces. Lighting design is very important, and its significance is far greater than the simple product lighting that consumers recognize.
The lighting design in the jewelry store includes the lighting of jewelry products, window lighting, indoor ceiling lighting and wall lighting, etc. The functions and specific requirements are all different. Of course, they complement each other, and the contrast between the colors of the lights should not be excessive. Large, together form a soft indoor lighting environment.