The lighting design of the shop window


Different areas have different lighting designs. The li […]

Different areas have different lighting designs. The lighting design principle is to see the light but not the light, highlighting the displayed items.
The lighting design of the shop window needs to use concealed light sources as much as possible. The light is concentrated on the displays in the window, and the light must be bright enough. Incandescent lights and spotlights are the most ideal lighting fixtures for jewelry windows. This kind of light creates better shadow effects. At the same time, avoid using colored lights for jewelry windows. Of course, before setting up the lights in the shop window, pay attention to whether the power of the power supply system is appropriate, and after the lighting is set up, you need to properly adjust the air flow in the shop window to avoid water vapor in the shop window.
Then there is the lighting design of jewelry, just as flowers need green leaves to set off, no matter how beautiful the jewelry, it needs the right light to set off its due brilliance. Unlike other items, jewellery is small, exquisite, and jeweled. Exquisite jewelry needs more concentrated lighting, which can highlight the small and beautiful jewelry; at the same time, the jewelry itself will reflect light, so the light needs to be set according to the type of jewelry, as we often say that dazzling gems use the reflection of light to reflect light The more prominent, the more dazzling the gem. Different jewellery needs to be equipped with different lighting. When choosing lighting for jewelry, you also need to consider the color of the light, the degree of lighting, the degree of flicker, the temperature, the color rendering, infrared and ultraviolet rays.
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