What are the size and buying skills of bathroom vanity mirror


What are the size and purchase skills of bathroom vanit […]

What are the size and purchase skills of bathroom vanity mirrors? Many families put a practical dressing mirror in the bathroom, so the dressing table has always been the focus of many people. What are the size and purchasing skills of the bathroom vanity mirror? Everyone has been paying attention to this problem for a long time. My simple answers to the questions about the size of the bathroom vanity mirror and the purchase skills are as follows.
What is the size of the bathroom vanity mirror?

Everyone who loves beauty will put a vanity mirror in their bathroom. This is a must-have item for dressing up in the morning, so we need to know the size so that the installation will be proper. What is the size of the bathroom vanity mirror? The mirror size is introduced as follows:

1. The size of the bathroom vanity mirror-Han Feier white garden vanity table: length: 1.0 meters, width: 0.46 meters, height: 1.66 meters. With this dressing table, no matter how much cosmetics can be installed, the multiple drawers under the dressing table seem to be convenient and practical in the design of the drawer, occupying a small area and saving space in the house. The solid carved wood design on the top of the dressing table naturally highlights the freshness and vitality.

2. The size of the bathroom dressing mirror-European classic dressing table dressing table: length: 1.3 meters, height: 1.68 meters, width: 0.48 meters. This dressing table is made of solid wood and plate material. The carvings around the dressing table mirror and dressing table feet appear to be classic and trendy. There is enough space for the feet under the dressing table, and the small rectangular design of the drawer is also very decent.

3. Toilet vanity mirror size-French style vanity table: length: 1.885 meters, width: 0.538 meters, height: 2.165 meters. Does this dressing table make your eyes shine? The dressing table has a bold design. The edge of the makeup mirror is zigzag and then decorated with golden carved flowers. The makeup mirror uses three combinations to make the entire dressing table exquisite. There are practical small cabinets on both sides below the dressing table, and a small partition in the middle. It can be said that this is a cost-effective dressing table.

What are the buying tips for bathroom vanity mirrors?

1. Buying techniques for bathroom vanity mirror-dressing table style
Everyone has their own different aesthetic perspectives, so as long as they like to choose the appearance, but the appearance of the dressing table is preferably brushed with paint, so that it is easy to clean up, so that the cosmetics will not penetrate into the dressing table and affect the dressing table Appearance. At the same time, you can choose the style of the dressing table according to the overall style of the room.

2. Tips for buying toilet vanity mirrors-vanity mirrors
When selecting the mirror of the dressing table, you ca n’t just look at it and think it ’s okay. The mirror of the dressing table must be designed with a folded face, so that when you look in the mirror, you can see all angles of your face and see clearly I have a problem with my makeup.

3. Selection techniques for bathroom vanity mirrors-check the quality of vanity table
Most dressing tables are made of artificial plates. Owners should check their quality certificate when looking at the formaldehyde content and quality instructions. It is good to get close to the dressing table to see if there is a pungent smell. If so, do n’t buy it. .

4. Buying techniques for bathroom vanity mirrors-the size of the vanity table
The size of the dressing table is 400 * 1000 (40 cm wide and 100 cm long), so it is easy to place cosmetics. If the size of the dressing table is too small, the cosmetics cannot be placed, it is more troublesome. The height of the dressing table is generally between 70-75 cm, this height is more suitable for ordinary height owners.

5. Buying techniques for bathroom vanity mirrors-matching chairs for vanity tables
When choosing a dressing table, be sure to ask whether there are any matching chairs, and choose a dressing table with matching chairs, so that it will not be overall uncoordinated and cause trouble for your own dressing.