Where is the most suitable full-length mirror?


Full-length mirrors are still more important for every […]

Full-length mirrors are still more important for every family, and now many people will put some full-length mirrors at home, and these mirrors can bring great convenience to life, then in Feng Shui, where to put the full-length mirror What is the most suitable feng shui taboo? Let me analyze it for you below.

Where is the most suitable full-length mirror?
  The most beautiful scenery in the house
  The full-length mirror has a relatively large area, so if it is placed in a beautiful area, such as green plants or hanging decorations in the living room, it can not only enrich the sense of space, enhance the integrity of the home, but also make people feel more happy.

   If you have a cloakroom at home, you only need to reserve a place on the mirror at the beginning of the renovation. The position of the mirror in the cloakroom is not too much. According to personal habits, if you want to change the environment. More beautiful and more elegant, you can wear light bars or mirror headlights. If the cloakroom is very small, you can borrow space from the door and place the mirror on the door.
  Mirror is also a good choice for bedrooms. The bedroom is an intimate place for people to rest. It is also the main place for changing clothes. The full-length mirror is placed here so that we can change clothes in time, but the bedroom mirror should not face the bed to prevent the mirror from being awakened in the middle of the night. The reflected light or image was frightened.

What are the feng shui taboos of full-length mirrors?
   should not be used as decoration
   Many people like to put a full-length mirror in the room, but it is only for decoration, but the role of the full-length mirror is definitely not just decoration. If you just use a full-length mirror as a decoration, it may be overkill. After all, the full-length mirror is a great function of Feng Shui. It can not only eliminate evil spirits, but also allow a lot of dirty qi to enter our environment.
          Do not go to the door
   It is not allowed to put a mirror in front of the gate. This will make the door god and the god of wealth scared away by the god of mirror together, which means blocking the god of wealth. In addition, if you are a businessman, it will also lead to unsatisfactory career and affect your wealth.  

   The number of mirrors should be controlled
   People who don’t understand the effects of feng shui often like to put a full-length mirror in the room. They think that everyone is very convenient to wear and dress, and there is usually more than one full-length mirror. This is actually not good, especially in wind and water. It will endanger the feng shui of the entire room, so the wealth of people who stay in the room will be greatly affected, or directly affect their health.