Where should the full-length mirror be placed at home?


  1. First of all, a full-length mirror can be pla […]


1. First of all, a full-length mirror can be placed at the entrance. And the usage rate is also the highest. It can be worn on the whole body at close range or on the whole body at a distance. Do not install the mirror on the wall.
Buy a full-length mirror with a shelf and place it diagonally in the corner of the microwave, not facing the kitchen door or facing the sofa or window. But don't put it right in front of the gate, as it means to block the God of Wealth, so it is more appropriate to place the mirror at the entrance hall. When you enter and leave the house, you can always take into account your own clothes and face, and examine your body assembly. When guests come to the house, they will also have a visually enhanced sense of space. Therefore, placing a full-length mirror at the door is convenient for use and has a visually enlarged space. Great effect!

2. A full-length mirror can also be placed in the hall. A full-length mirror used to embellish the space. Such embellishment must be adequate. Putting it in the living room can relieve the feeling of pressure and relieve your tired body. It is best to place plants and flowers on the opposite side of the mirror, or hang exquisite paintings on the opposite wall, so that the beautiful scenery visual effect can be displayed in the mirror.

3. Finally, in most homes, the full-length mirror is often placed in the bedroom. If it is feng shui, the full-length mirror should be hidden on the side of the closet, and it can be used after it is pulled out and turned 90 degrees. It doesn't look good if it needs to be covered in other places. The back of the storeroom door is also fine. In short, invisible is better. Because many people habitually change clothes in the bedroom, it is very convenient to look in the mirror. But the mirror in the bedroom is best not to face the end of your bed, because people are the most relaxed and unsuspecting time when they sleep, so in the middle of the night they will be scared by the dark mirror. The mirror in the bedroom is best placed on one side to expand the sense of space without harming health.