Why Do You Have A Light Bulb Around The Mirror?


Why do the stars use a circle of lights around the mirr […]

Why do the stars use a circle of lights around the mirror in the professional make-up room? Because only the light is bright enough, the color of the light is accurate enough, and the makeup is correct!

When looking inside the mirror, the portrait in the mirror will produce a certain amount of chromatic aberration and distortion due to the influence of artificial light. In natural light, the portrait in the mirror is the closest to reality.

In the room on weekdays, there is not enough light. If you accidentally, you will paint your eyes as a panda's eye. The face and neck are not on the same color. The foundation is not evenly smeared... Go out of the room and look at the sun and you are crying!

With these bulbs, the brightness of the natural light is close, the light is even and soft, and the color rendering is also good.

The light shines on different parts of the face without shadows. It is suitable for drawing fine eyelashes, eye shadows, etc.

Recommended Reason For A Cosmetic Mirror With A Light Bulb

want to make a perfect makeup, the most fear is that the light is not strong! When I was at home, it looked very beautiful. When I went out, I found that the makeup was thick. In fact, this is the mirror of the home that deceives you. I want to avoid makeup mistakes caused by light. You need a mirror that will glow. "!

1) The beauty makeup mirror with its own fill light can simulate natural light and effectively restore the most realistic color of the face. Don't worry that the makeup is too strong due to poor light.

2) Beautiful appearance and strong sense of design! The make-up mirror can adjust the angle at will, and adjust the angle according to the makeup needs.