Are there any taboos in the placement of mirrors?


Put it on the dressing table or in the toilet in the be […]

Put it on the dressing table or in the toilet in the bedroom, but be sure to avoid facing the bed, door or window, but if you cannot move or facing the doors and windows due to limited space, you can cut out a circle about 1 yuan in red wax paper Type, paste it on the center of the mirror, and write "Resolve Daji" with a pen on it to resolve it.

Are there any taboos on the placement of indoor mirrors?
The mirror is not suitable for the head of the bed. Because the mirror has reflected light, this is a kind of bad rays. A shot can cause neurasthenia and poor sleep quality. The two mirrors should not be hung face to face, because this will cause qi energy disorder, back and forth and unable to move forward. It is best not to embed the mirror on the ceiling of the living room, because it will make people sitting in the living room feel depressed. The mirror cannot be placed in the middle of the hall, and the mirror in the living room is easily distracted. The hanging mirror in the home should be enough for the person looking at the mirror to see the entire head. If the mirror is long, it is better to see the whole. It is recommended that you do not place too many mirrors in your home. ###Mirrors and floor-to-ceiling doors and windows are not suitable for the bed. The mirror is used to block the evil spirits and reflect the evil spirit back. Especially when people wake up from sleep, they are easily frightened by themselves reflected in mirrors or French windows when their consciousness is not very clear. It is disadvantageous if there is a mirror on either side of the bedroom. In addition to affecting health and husband's feelings, it can also affect wealth and children. Especially at the foot of the bed, don't hang a mirror. Because this mirror is like

Where is the placement of the mirror
1. It is not suitable to put a magnifying glass in the living room. Why? Because the living room is usually connected to the balcony. It must be lighted. If there are too large mirrors in the living room. The light refracted from the sunlight into the living room will pass through the folding of the mirror to form a light evil. In this way, people living inside are easily dizzy. Especially if there is a lake or river water outside the balcony, it is not appropriate to set up a mirror in the living room. 2. Mirrors should not be placed in the kitchen. Kitchens are generally hot places, and the nature of fire is erratic. If there is a mirror in the kitchen, it probably means headache or bad. People are easy to do things without energy. It also tends to have a bad temper. In addition, there are people who spend the night at home. And anger will be vigorous. 3. Do not place a mirror above the gate. In fact, this is a taboo. The function of the gate is to receive the air and skylight. Before the mirror is hung, the gate receives natural light and can enter the house. But if you hang a mirror on top of the door, the light will be sucked there, and it is possible that it will give out a kind of light. In this way, light and air cannot enter the gate. Most people hang a mirror above the door to block or change.