Taboos of placing mirrors


The taboo of mirror placement First, the mirror is faci […]

The taboo of mirror placement
First, the mirror is facing the bed. It is said that if the mirror is facing the bed, people will see their own soul in the middle of the night, which will be very scary. And it is easy to make the other half have an affair. Second, the mirror is facing the door. If the mirror is facing the door, it will scare the door god and the god of wealth away and block the owner's wealth. Third, the mirror is facing the stove. In this way, the mirror god and the kitchen god will oppose each other, and the family members will often suffer from various illnesses, and family violence will also occur. Fourth, the mirror is facing the table of the gods. The mirror is facing the table of the gods. It is a great disrespect to the gods. It will make the gods who were originally staying at home to bless you leave because of the impulse generated by the mirror. Fifth, the mirror facing the desk is easily distracting. Sixth, the mirror should not be placed on the financial position. If the mirror is placed on the financial position, the God of Wealth will go because of the mirror god. Generally speaking, the financial position of the living room is the opposite corner of the door. Seventh, mirrors cannot be mounted on the ceiling. Mirrors mounted on the ceiling will consume gas and money. Eighth, the mirror is facing the toilet door. The mirror facing the toilet door will make couples get in the way of things.

What are the taboos to put the head in the mirror
The mirror should be proportional to the house. The hanging mirror in the home should be enough for the person looking at the mirror to see the entire head. If the mirror is long, it is better to see the whole. 2. Mirrors cannot be placed in the middle of the hall, and the mirrors in the living room are easily distracted. 3. The mirror should not be on the window. If there is a house outside the window, it is not good for others; if there is no house, it is not good for oneself, and if there is light from outside, it will feel uncomfortable. 4. The mirror is not suitable for the head of the bed. Because the mirror has reflected light, this is a bad ray, which can cause neurasthenia and poor sleep quality. If the mirror is facing the bed, when a person falls asleep, the energy is already weak. At this time, the energy in the body is most easily reflected by the mirror, making it easy to get dizzy. I used to think that the mirror would attract ghosts to the bed. This phenomenon is nothing more than the reflection of the mirror at night, which stimulates the hallucinations and panic of people's minds. 5. The two mirrors can't be hung face to face, because this will cause the Qi energy disorder, back and forth and can not move forward. 6. The bathroom must be equipped with a mirror and can be slightly larger, which can not only reflect the pollution, but also have the effect of dressing. In addition, it can also increase the visual area and expand the visual space.