Specification and Installation of LED Demister Mirror


In fact, in our bathroom, we often find that the mirror […]

In fact, in our bathroom, we often find that the mirror is foggy, which is very inconvenient. Now in order to solve this problem, there has been a design of LED Demister Mirror. If we can use this led demister mirror in the bathroom, it can greatly reduce this bad situation. So, now many people are using these led demister mirrors in their homes. There are various brands of LED Demister Mirror in the market, but the gap in price is obvious. So many people don't know how to buy a correct LED Demister Mirror.

In fact, as long as you have mastered some basic selection conditions, you don't have to worry about such problems. In fact, many people can realize the effect of this product after using it for a period of time. And, when you are buying it, you can directly do a fog test in the mirror. You shall use the watering can for a simple test. If the water drops can not stick to the mirror surface, it shows the performance of this brand of LED Demister Mirror is good.

The anti-fog film, LED Demister Mirror installation base treatment
1.When installing a led demister mirror, we should first check whether the base surface is a solid, flat and sharp protrusion. If it is found that the foundation surface is not firm, such as the gypsum board foundation surface, we must embed the keel to fix it and ensure that the foundation surface is flat.

2.If there are hard objects such as tiles, marble, metal and glass mosaic around, a soft pad of 2mm thickness shall be placed on the lower edge of the lens. With the thermal expansion of the LED demister mirror, if there is not enough clearance, the LED Demister Mirror is very easy to crack.

3. If silica gel / double-sided adhesive is applied and fixed with mirror nails, led demister mirror will cling to the wall or the base plate. Outlet, conduit, and cassette shall be reserved on the base surface to lead out the power line of LED Demister Mirror.