Girl makeup essential artifact-led makeup mirror


To tell the truth, this makeup mirror with a lamp ring […]

To tell the truth, this makeup mirror with a lamp ring really needs to buy one.

The eyeliner is more clearly understood! ! In fact, some people don't draw eyeliners well. I think part of the reason is also because of poor lighting ...

The face value is very high. It is also a scenery on the dressing table.

After having a small mirror, the details on the makeup face can now be seen clearly
led cosmetic mirror

The chassis is in the shape of a small plate, and can also be used as a simple small storage. And it can be recharged. I think this is pretty good. I have the one that I want to plug in. I have to plug it in every time. It is still a little troublesome.

It will last about 7 days. The whole lamp is divided into three sections, and it can still be put into the bag to carry with you ... The touch screen switch is simple and easy to operate.
Three kinds of lights, cold light, warm light, cold light + warm light. Is cold light like squeezing blackheads, or when applying makeup, it looks clearer when used. Warm light is suitable to see what makeup looks like at night. Cold light + warm light is natural light. After finishing makeup, you can open this file. You can see what your daily makeup looks like when you go out. If you don't have enough shadow, you can add a little more highlights. Long press can also adjust the brightness ~
The angle of the mirror can also be adjusted ~ In short, it is very cost-effective! It is more suitable for student party girls, and it is very suitable to put in the dormitory.