Lighting design The importance of lighting for jewelry window display


Lighting is a must-have in jewelry windows, and it can […]

Lighting is a must-have in jewelry windows, and it can also be said to be a must in all windows. It can highlight all the furnishings in the window, add vitality to the cabinet design, and play an active marketing role. Jewelry brands must pay attention to the following points when planning the lighting design of display windows:

1. Use concealed light sources as much as possible to avoid dazzling lights.

2. All lights should illuminate the display items in the window, and should not be scattered outside the window.

3. The light intensity must be sufficient to reduce the influence of external light. In addition, the choice of the type of lighting fixture must also attract attention.

The light of incandescent light and spotlight can create the most ideal lighting effect. The shadow produced by this kind of light has a good effect, and the contrast between light and dark is moderate. If the shadow is too strong, it will cause the accessories placed around the focus to lose color. Therefore, when designing the window lighting, you must pay attention to avoid this situation. For the decoration of jewelry windows, colored lights must also be avoided.
4. Since the installation of lamps in the window will increase the temperature in the window, you must pay attention to properly adjust the air flow in the window to avoid steam caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the window, which makes the window blurred. In addition, it should be noted that before enhancing the lighting in the window, you must first determine whether the power supply system can afford the additional power to avoid accidents.

5. Jewelry is different from other items in that it is small and exquisite, and precious and precious. Delicate jewelry needs more concentrated lighting, which can highlight small and beautiful jewelry; at the same time, the jewelry itself will have reflections. Shooting the past lights will produce reflections. This is an important factor to consider. It must be cleverly avoided Dazzling reflection is good.

The window is the eyes of the store. The style and display of the window design is an effective stage to push the image of the store and products to the sight of consumers. Therefore, the proper design of the lighting of the window will not only enhance the image of the store, but also increase the sales of the product!